Free Parking in Downtown Bloomington

Free Parking in Downtown Bloomington Map

Skip the Meters and Relax During Your Massage! Well, it happened: the Parking Meter Fairies have struck Bloomington with their magic wands and at first blush it appears there’s not a free spot in town. FEAR NOT my massage-loving friend, after a quick phone call to my cheapskate cousin with the tow-truck, I have learned…

THAT’S the NEWS July 5th, 2013 Edition

That's the Rub, That's the News Newsletter, July 5th, 2013

That’s the Rub Massage Therapy Center’s Semi-Regular, Slightly Sporadic, Always amusing, and Wholly Worth Reading Occasional Newsletter: Special Edition – Holly Lynn is Back!The 5th of July is often relegated to second-class status because of it’s better known brother, the 4th of July, all because the 4th was born one day sooner. But that’s just…