Crank Your Gift Giving to 11 with THAT:thing and a ZEN Head Massager!

The Twin At-Home Massage Tools Your Mother Warned You About

THAT:thing and ZEN

Those of you subscribed to our emails or who read here often already know about THAT:thing, our new magnetic-acupressure-massage tool that looks ridiculous and works like a champ! BUT, for the NEXT FEW DAYS ONLY we are pairing it with a VERY limited supply of the INNOVAGE ZEN HEAD MASSAGER – The design is rooted in the age-old arts of acupuncture and pressure points. Many of the most vital of these pressure points are located on the head. The experience of deep relaxation that is created by the ZEN HEAD MASSAGER is like no other – at the Stocking-Stuffing / Office Party Price of just

$24 for BOTH!

Now that’s a deal worth rushing in for! We have limited numbers of both (we’re almost out of our THIRD run of THAT:thing in three weeks!) and when the Zen Head MAssager is gone, I don’t exp[ect them back anytime soon. There’s no doubt these are two of the weirdest looking devices on the planet (nonetheless in a Wellness Center), but BOY are they AWESOME! Come in TODAY to get your socks filled!

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