Don’t Send Mixed Messages on Valentine’s Day!

Gift Certificates are NOT Ambiguous!

Eye Heart Ewe

You already know there are right ways to do things and wrong ways to do things. But sometimes, there’s some ambiguity, and that’s where the trouble starts. Take this hat, it might be a very clever rebus declaring your love of the individual reading it (awwww, that’s sweet, eye love ewe, too!). Of course, it also might be a very strange declaration of the enjoyment of sheep watching. Now, I admit, I’ve spent many a fine afternoon sitting in the tall grass watching lambs frolic in the sun…but do I need a hat to tell the world what I do on my weekends? No, and neither does your paramour. Instead, this year, give your special someone what they really want: massage! It’s more relaxing than watching a bunch of critters in a fenced pen, and it’s far less likely to get grass stains on your pants.

Buy your Valentine a Valentine’s Day Gift Certificate RIGHT NOW online, or swing into the shop and we’ll do one up all pretty for you!

Schedule today online for Valentine’s Day weekend or give us a call at 812-333-3393 and we’ll take care you at once! Gift Certificates can also be purchased at the website, or feel free to pop into the shop and we’ll print them out all pretty for you!

That’s the Rub!

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