Free Parking in Downtown Bloomington

Skip the Meters and Relax During Your Massage!

Map of Free Parking in Downtown Bloomington, Indiana
Well, it happened: the Parking Meter Fairies have struck Bloomington with their magic wands and at first blush it appears there’s not a free spot in town. FEAR NOT my massage-loving friend, after a quick phone call to my cheapskate cousin with the tow-truck, I have learned that there are secret places to STILL find free parking in Downtown Bloomington. That’s right, FREE! My second favorite word (right after 90 minute Deep Tissue Massage – ok, that’s four words and a number, but you get the point). The map above shows you just how easy it is, exact where it is, and how close it is to That’s the Rub Massage Therapy Center.

Sure, the Parking Meter Fairies aren’t going to like you stiffing them out of the change in your pocket, but that’s what they get for abandoning their first careers in Post-Extraction Dental-Collection.

We look forward to seeing you real soon!

That’s the Rub,
Jim, Lisa, Rachel, Jessica, Gwen, Xanthia, Holly-Lynn, Jackie, Elizabeth, Ruthie, and Walter


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