Kara Skye Veal, Indiana Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Massage Therapy Apprentice

Kara Skye Veal Licensed Massage Therapist

“Kara Skye Veal is an Indiana Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and a 2017 graduate of Harrison College, where she earned her Associates of Applied Science in Therapeutic & Clinical Massage. She comes to us from the Northwest reaches of Indiana after spending most of her life in school, studying the arts, education, and (of course) massage therapy.

Kara has a natural talent for visual art and theatre, which she cultivated through Indiana University’s Department of Theatre & Drama, and applied toward costuming, set design, and performance in fourteen different productions (so far). In 2012, Kara spent a summer as a camp counselor for the YMCA Youth Theatre Camps at the Bloomington Playwrights’ Project, and studied for three semesters as an apprentice Theatre Arts teacher under Francesca Sobrer at Bloomington North High School.

Kara soon realized full-time teaching was not the path she needed to be on, though it was excellent and honorable work which Kara continues to entertain thoughts of returning to. Her ultimate goal was to help people, but she wanted to do it on her terms. She spent 2014 exploring social justice options through IU’s Department of Gender Studies, but that wasn’t it either. Kara felt something else calling to her. It was the time she spent studying the self-healing practice of Qigong under Barbara Benson and BJ Irvine which pushed her toward bodywork.

Taking a cue from her mother, who is herself an LMT in Valparaiso, Indiana, Kara turned toward massage therapy and transferred to Harrison College. As a child, Kara picked up a few tricks from her mother which would allow her to provide relief for Mom when she was through with her appointments for the day. When Mom first told Kara that she had the gift of touch and should pursue massage therapy, Kara cringed at the thought of following in her mother’s footsteps, and stubbornly scuttled off to pursue theatre. But age and experience taught her that her mother is the greatest of all the mentors she has been fortunate enough to gather, and that massage therapy is an effective, hands-on way to affect change in the lives of those who need and want help.

Originally a front desk scheduler and massage therapy intern at The Rub, Kara is now a full-time LMT of incredible skill. She is looking forward to further developing her skill as a therapist by working with and getting to know YOU. When she isn’t here facilitating healing, she may be spotted around town reading fiction and creating visual art.

July 18, 1991

Cancer, Libra, Virgo

Acting, reading, journaling, drawing, wire-wrapping

Hiking, cycling, running, gardening, hula hooping

historical fiction, fantasy, metaphysical reference, history, feminist literature”

Schedule with Kara online right now, or if you want to give us a call instead of scheduling online because you find our dulcet tones relaxing, we dig, just punch 812-333-3393 into your magic voice transmitter and you’ll get our extremely enthusiastic front desk team.


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