Kay Thorbecke, Indiana Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Kay Thorbecke, Certified Massage Thereapist

Kay Thorbecke received her massage education from one of the finest schools in the country, The Boulder School of Massage Therapy, where she excelled at deep tissue, Swedish massage, and reflexology. Upon graduation, Kay returned to Bloomington to enter private practice and began teaching workshops “Massage for Family and Friends,” showing people how to relieve stress for themselves and their loved ones.

Over the years, her ongoing studies have allowed her to train personally with Dr. Milton Trager of the Trager Institute and David Palmer, the “father of chair massage,” She has also developed master level skills in integrating body-mind process therapy, prenatal and postpartum massage, myofascial release, and gentle, non-invasive touch for people wanting to connect body, breath, mind, and emotions.

A session with Kay is a treat for yourself, which will leave you feeling refreshed, grounded, and whole.

Kay’s path in life has always embraced a healthy lifestyle, lifelong learning, being grounded, and mindful.  When not working, she can be found running or biking on the B-Line trail, volunteering at the Food Bank garden, hiking down the Grand Canyon, and thoroughly enjoying all that life has to offer.

Schedule with Kay online right now, or if you want to give us a call instead of scheduling online because you find our dulcet tones relaxing, we dig, just punch 812-333-3393 into your magic voice transmitter and you’ll get our extremely enthusiastic front desk team to schedule you for a spectacular session with Kay!

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