Kayla Whaley, Indiana Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Indiana Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)

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Kayla Whaley is a licenced massage therapist with six years experience, including four specializing in chiropractic and medical massage. A graduate of Vincennes University‘s massage program in 2010, she studied with Dr. Kelly Spore, D.C., and excelled in deep tissue therapies and positional release.  She is an expert in deep tissue, sports massage, positional release, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and Swedish massage. Additionally, she is she is exceptional with hot stone, prenatal, body treatments, and numerous other techniques and modalities. Kayla enjoys giving very deep therapies, but loves her massage work in its entirety!
Kayla is currently studying for her Massage Board Certification and plans to return to college to peruse her love: veterinary medicine. She would like to run a pet rescue operation and have her own vet practice.
When not working, you can find Kayla and her two dogs, Foxy and Luna, at the dog park or walking the b-line. She has a true passion for helping and healing people and animals. She worked with snakes and other wild animals and taught about them to visitors in the three years she worked at Spring Mill State Park. That love and passion for all living creatures is what helped her decide to become a massage therapist.
If you need strong hands and sharp elbows, just to relax, or even something in the middle, then Kayla is the therapist for you! Make an appointment with Kayla RIGHT NOW online or give us a call at 812-333-3393.

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