LIMITED EDITION Deluxe Herbal Bath Bombs are HERE for the Holidays!

The Very Best Bath Bombs in the World and We've Got 'Em!

Limited Edition Deluxe Herbal Bath Bombs are Here!

Oh boy, are we excited about these! In partnership with Ellettsville’s own Newfield Wellness (lovingly called NFW), we are now offering LIMITED EDITON Herbal Bath Bombs! Many of you already know this, and took advantage of our last special edition Pumpkin Spice. Well, THIS season we have upped our game and have the following SPECIAL EDITIONS for a VERY LIMITED TIME: Peppermint & Bergamot, Cinnamon Vanilla & Nutmeg, and Orange & Clove. You seriously have to smell these and you’ll know why we say they are WAY different than any bath bomb you’ve ever tried. Not only are they herbal, they are all-natural, locally sourced where possible, and simply don’t have any crap in them. It’s like a nice warm cup of tea…for your WHOLE BODY! Yeah, they’re THAT: good! Really, when you come down to it, there’s a couple of people on your list who need these: Everyone you love, and YOU!

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