Seriously, What’s the Cheesy Thing On Jim’s lip?

Growing a Mustache for a Cause! GO MO!


Actually, it is quite serious. This year (this month, in fact), to RAISE MONEY for Men’s Health (that’s short code for testicular and prostate cancer research, awareness, prevention, and treatment) Jim has signed up for Movember (that’s with an “M” for Mustache) and will be growing a mighty fine Mo’stache all month long in support of a mighty worthy cause. How can you support him? I’m so glad you asked! Head on over to Jim’s Movemebr Page ( and make a pledge in support of men’s health and Jim’s pet caterpillar…I mean Mo’stache! And hey, it’s not too late, you too can spend the month growing a mine Mo’stache yourself…find out all you need and more at Jim and his Mo’stache thank you for your support Go Mo!

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