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Winterize YOUR Skin!

Winterize YOUR Skin

Your skin is about to spend five months getting assaulted by all manner of weather phenomena which want nothing more than to crack it, dry it, and peel it away. Protect yourself TODAY and all winter long with a facial at That’s the Rub! Sure, you could go to your local drug store, but finding…

FarmHouse Fresh NOW AVAILABLE at That’s the Rub!

FarmHouse Fresh NOW AVAILABLE at That's the Rub!

FarmHouse Fresh Comes to Bloomington and the Cows Rejoice! FARMHOUSE FRESH is Now at That’s the Rub! MOO! Every now and again, it’s important to listen to your children. This is radical talk, I know, but bear with me. A few months ago, right after we opened The Body Boutique, my daughter Cassandra was visiting…

The Body Boutique is OPEN!

Lisa's at the Desk of the Body Boutique

Only the BEST in Skin Care, Body Care, and Gifts for All…but especially YOU! Three weeks ago, in a fit of madness(or genius, tough call), Team Rub did the unthinkable: We opened That’s the Rub Body Boutique! Attached toThat’s the Rub Massage Therapy Center, the Body Boutique offers the highest quality skin and body care…