Tanya Gick, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

Meet Tanya Gick, Expert Therapeutic Massage Therapist

Tanya Gick brings with her more than 19 years of experience in the massage therapy realm, showcasing a rich blend of skills and a deep passion for her craft. Her commitment to therapeutic massage was ignited at a young age when she played a pivotal role in alleviating her mother’s arthritis-related pain. This personal connection to the transformative power of touch laid the foundation for Tanya’s professional journey.

From Personal Experience to a Life-Changing Therapeutic Massage Career

Growing up, Tanya found herself naturally gravitating towards massage, particularly when it came to helping her family. When her mother developed arthritis in her C-7 during nursing school, young Tanya stepped in, offering her soothing hands to ease the pain. These early experiences, combined with encouragement from her sister, paved the way for her to pursue massage therapy professionally.

A Blend of Science and Art in Therapeutic Massage

Having trained at the Mid-West Academy of Healing Arts in 2004 in Brownsburg, IN, Tanya views massage as an art underpinned by science. Over her extensive career, she’s consistently received feedback on her ability to strike a balance between relaxation and achieving therapeutic results. With an approach deeply rooted in gratitude, Tanya appreciates the opportunity to support herself in a career that not only solves problems but also nurtures.

Specialization in Cranial Nerves

Tanya’s professional expertise doesn’t end with standard massage techniques. She has a special fascination with cranial nerves, particularly the Vagus nerve. Clients often seek her out specifically for her unmatched skills in addressing issues related to the head, neck, and shoulders.

A Commitment to the Bloomington Community

Beyond her practice at That’s the Rub Massage Therapy Center, Tanya extends her skills to those in need, especially the elderly. She dedicates her time to a local hospice company, ensuring those in their final stages of life receive comfort and a sense of companionship.

A Peek into Tanya’s Personal Life

A voracious reader, Tanya indulges in everything from fiction and non-fiction to poetry. When she’s not engrossed in a book, she’s penning her thoughts or whipping up delicious recipes in her kitchen. Her love for nature is evident in her gardening pursuits, where she plants flower patches to attract pollinators.

Book a Session with Tanya at That’s the Rub

Tanya’s dedication to therapeutic massage and her client’s well-being is evident in every session. If you’re in Bloomington, Indiana, and seeking a massage experience that’s both relaxing and therapeutically effective, Tanya Gick is the expert you need. Schedule an appointment today and experience the therapy of her touch by clicking here or giving our amazing front desk team a call right now at 812-333-3393.

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