Reviews of That’s the Rub!

What do our clients have to say about That’s the Rub? Turns out, quite a bit! Below you’ll recent ones coming directly from our MindBody booking system. You can also find our reviews on Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and probably a bunch of other places we haven’t even seen. After your next appointment, you’ll get an email or a text asking for a review and we’d be mighty pleased to add yours here, or there…or there…or wherever you might choose to tell the world how much you love us (not to put words in your mouth, or anything…)!


  1. Joseph

    Last week my partner and I were driving to Bloomington to get groceries and he complained that his neck was bothering him and he wanted to get a massage, he looked up massages in Bloomington, that’s the rub came up and he called and booked 2 – 30 min appointments. We changed our course and headed downtown.. he had his massage, entered the lobby said he could go for another and I gave him my slot.. he needed it more! He emerged and was feeling much better. We returned today (8/16) for our 2 hour massages at 5pm. His LMT is Parker, I did not have one yet, now mine is Kara! we both went in and came out feeling relaxed. Most people go to concerts, or out to dinner multiple times a week, but due to allergy restrictions we eat at home, so this is like our concert or multiple dinners a week away from the house all in one. Very relaxing, professional, soothing. So we will see you in September for our next appointment, this time I am going to get a facial.. and cannot wait, possibly 2 eyebrow waxes as well, and he will get another massage.

    • Jim

      Thank YOU so much for your detailed and generous review. We are thrilled to have you as part of the That’s the Rub family!


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