Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Friends & Family!

I know that your email boxes are getting slammed right now from New Year well wishes to coupons, sales and other well wishers and in that I guess I’m no different. However, I do have to state that like so many others it is true, we wouldn’t have a business it weren’t for all of you who read this. So for that I thank you. Thank you for being our clients and helping us help you in reaching your health care goals. It truly is a privilege to do massage and bodywork and to help you reach your goals.

Cheers to new goals, ushering out bad habits, and working towards health and prosperity. Thank you for allowing That’s the Rub to be part of your journey. We look forward to supporting you through 2019 and beyond.

This year we’re launching partner massage classes (starting on January 27! Sign up here) so you can do massage on each other at home. We’re going to do shorter classes for those who want to get started right away (only a four hour workshop!), with limited time or budgets, and we will add longer classes in the near future for those who want more detailed information for anatomy and specialized massage strokes for those have more time to donate to learning the art of massage. We hope you will join us in understanding your body better through relaxation techniques that you can provide for each other. Please contact our front desk (812-333-3393) or website for more details and to sign up!

We also have THAT:space available for anyone in the community who needs a downtown space for larger gatherings (up to 40 people). Please contact Kara at kara@thatstherub.com for more details and dates available.

We are also launching continuing education classes (CEUs) for already certified massage therapists. March 25th & 26th we will be hosting Bloomington’s own Julie Gudaitis (returning from many years on the West Coast) in Morales Method for 16 CEU’s. If you’re interested in attending check out our Facebook page THAT: space and look for Morales Method for more details. More classes will be added to THAT:space soon, so please like, subscribe, and keep checking back.

As we near the beginning of the next semester at Ivy Tech we will have more students giving massage as part of That’s the Rub Bootcamp (a massage student intensive elective), so please put your name on the waiting list at our front desk (still 812-333-3393) and keep your eyes peeled for details on when student massage will be available (at a BIG discount to you!). These messages go fast, and they are essential for helping a student increase their therapeutic and palpation skills.

We at That’s the Rub look forward to an exciting year of community giving, education and collaboration. May your year be full of good cheer, prosperity and love!

That’s the Rub,