Taking My Own Medicine:
My Experiences with CBD Massage

I’ve had the pleasure of getting the CBD massage on separate occasions from two different That’s the Rub therapists, once to try out how it feels (duh!) and the other CBD massage after my recent car accident. It was interesting how they were the same…only different.

First of all, I want to welcome you back and apologize for taking so much time off of writing the blog. I thought I had enough articles in the bag before the semester started, I was wrong and then my car accident happened and derailed me. I’m recovering very well, slowly for me because patience isn’t my strong suit (if you can’t see Jim’s eye-roll from where you are, trust me, he’s eye-rolling), but probably quickly by anyone else’s standards.

When we decided to partner with GW KIND (makers of mighty fine kombuchas and CBD products) to produce our CBD massage cream, I knew it would be wonderful for increasing relaxation and the healing of trauma, chronic or sudden, but I had no idea I would be one of the first clients to use it. But when a pick-up truck suddenly turned in front of me, totalling the car I was test driving, I ended up being my own test subject for the first batch of this amazing cream and massage protocol. 

So anyway, back to CBD massage. It’s like getting massaged with whipped butter. The CBD just melts nicely into your skin, soothing and conditioning it, while creating this deep relaxation that goes well with any massage. I say any massage because I received the CBD massage again after my accident, not only did it deeply relax me, but between the massage and the CBD all of my aches went away too. Luckily for me, I only suffered some temporary muscle soreness and tiredness as my body recovers, most of which seems to get better every day. After the massage there is almost always CBD massage cream left over and you get to take it home with you because it’s in single-use cups, so I continue to apply the remains daily to the rest of my bruises and I believe they are healing faster than they would otherwise.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from some kind of trauma, whether it is a car accident, work accident, or play accident you should consider a CBD massage (or upgrade for any of our massages). It’s done amazing things for my recovery and may it do so for you too. 

Until next time…
That’s the Rub,


PS – Not only did I total a car I was test driving, I went out the next day and leased the exact same model (Toyota Camry XLE) from Brian at Royal South Toyota.  I have no doubt that the amazing safety features built into this car saved both my, and my daughter’s, lives! While I don’t recommend head-on collisions as part of your test drive experience, I will say it sealed the deal on whether to lease this model when Ryn and I walked away.

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The Car that Gave It’s Life for Ours.