A quick reference chart for Corvid-19 vs. Allergies vs. Flu

MAY 21, 2021 UPDATE: Yup! We’re almost back to normalcy. Almost. Group classes have started again (YOU should come!) and we also offer facials, couple’s services, and more. But masks are still required until the medical board (who we fall under as massage therapy) declares it safe for medical practices to ensure safety for all). We thank you for your understanding as we move a little closer to normal…in a very relaxed way.

[June 3, 2020 UPDATE: We ARE OPEN after 2.5 months and we’re thrilled! This blog post has some good information in it so I’m not removing it, but for an update on our specific actions and plans, please visit our COVID-19 Response Page.]

Dear Friends:

Today’s blog is brought to you by the Letter C and the Number 19. There’s no way to make light of such an important topic as COVID-19, but this a That’s the Rub email, so I’ll try to keep it informative and fun as a possible. That said, let me hit the highpoints and then dig in more:

TLDR: Yes, we’re OPEN! Massage is GREAT for moving lymph and helping to strengthen your immune system. We are taking our already extraordinary precautions to an even higher level (we’re clean freaks anyway). We’re hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

If you’ve been with That’s the Rub for any length of time, you know we take our client’s health VERY seriously. Likewise, we take our team’s health just as seriously. COVID-19 (the novel corona virus) is scaring a lot of people, and for a very good reason. We’ve always been a bit more than germophobic around here, but we’ve been increasing our disinfecting across the board…and knobs…and shelves…and anyplace that has a chance of being touched by one of us or you (honestly, we were pretty fastidious already, but more can’t hurt).

Massage therapists and estheticians (by training, law, and OSHA) wash their hands (for at least 30 seconds) BEFORE AND AFTER every service. Always. Every time. The only change is we may be doing it EVEN MORE. But you can rest assured we are doing a LOT (and I mean a LOT)!

Next, after a long and hard think, we have changed our sheet process. In the past we have used (or owned) a cleaning service to launder our sheets. In no small part to the current viral concerns we have switched to a certified medical-grade cleaning service who provides linens to hospitals. This might be overkill and is above and beyond state and federal OSHA standards for a day spa, but we think we’re all worth it — we’re not playing games with anyone’s health. Our sheets have always been single-client use, but now they are being fully sanitized, not just cleaned. The quality of the new linens is just as high as we’ve always had, but you can rest assured they are the cleanest it is possible to clean them.

The fuzzy blankets are still around but are no longer the default in making the tables. They’re not really needed, the new top-sheets we use are extra thick and when combined with the table warmers (on ALL our tables) are more than sufficient (If you get cold during a service, PLEASE ask your therapist to turn up the table, they will happily do so!).

We have always provided equipment for our Yomassage, breathwork, couple’s massage training and other classes, and we will continue to do so. While we do disinfect all equipment between classes, you are always welcome to bring your own, and single-use pillowcases will be available upon request for bolsters, etc.

Our 24-hour cancellation policy remains in place (e.g. if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment you will be charged full price), HOWEVER, we have ALWAYS had an exception for illness which is certainly not changing. If you are sick, PLEASE call us as soon as possible and stay home, drink bone broth, binge watch something insipid, and get healthy. We don’t want it either.

Likewise, we have always empowered our staff to turn away any client for any reason whether it is health, cleanliness, safety, or otherwise. If you show up sick, and we are concerned, you will be asked to reschedule (did I mention we don’t want it either?).

However, should one of our staff come down sick, we also will ask them to stay home. This could become inconvenient at the last minute before an appointment, and we will do everything we can to keep you informed. Where possible, we will simply move you to another of our fantastic therapists and you won’t miss a step (did you know we take EXTENSIVE notes after each and every appointment for just such an occasion? Yup! Always have, always will).

But as there is a lot (A LOT!) of confusion as to what is allergy, cold, flu, or COVID-19 The chart at the top of this blog is for your reference. If you’ve only got allergies, may I recommend our signature Allergy Relief Rub? It’s awesome!

Friends, we’re all in this together, and you can be assured we are watching, reading, and listening to everything and will absolutely operate within the law, common sense, and needs of the health of our community.

That’s the Rub!

Jim, Lisa, and Team Rub

PS – If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to write me directly: jim@thatstherub.com

Wash your hands, A LOT!