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Pain Management in Bloomington, Indiana: Are You Ignoring Your Body’s SOS?

Are you ignoring your pain? Stop hitting the mute button on your body’s distress call. Dive into this comprehensive guide on pain management in Bloomington, Indiana. From the science behind pain to the power of therapeutic massage, we’ve got you covered!

Meet Conner Weir: The Therapeutic Massage Therapist Who Makes Your Body Goals a Reality

Conner Weir is not just another massage therapist; he’s a game-changer in the realm of therapeutic massage. With a unique approach tailored to your needs, Conner is committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals. Dive into this article to learn more about how Conner can guide you on your journey to better health.

Meet Amber Lawrence: A Beacon of Therapeutic Massage Excellence in Bloomington

Discover Amber Lawrence, a transformative force in therapeutic massage in Bloomington, IN. From military service to holistic healing, her journey is a must-read.

Mastering the Art of Facilitated Stretching for Comprehensive Wellness in Bloomington, IN

Explore the benefits of facilitated stretching guided by a skilled massage therapist. Improve flexibility, boost muscle function, and enhance your holistic wellness journey. Connect deeply with your body and unlock your muscular potential.

Relax in Bloomington: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Local Massage Therapy Near You

Discover Bloomington’s best therapeutic massage, meet our amazing licensed massage therapists, and begin your wellness journey today!

The Maestro’s Secret: Why Sports Massage for Musicians is Essential

discover why sports massage is essential for musicians. From enhancing performance to preventing injuries, this article explores the myriad benefits of sports massage for musicians. Tune in to learn how you can strike the right chord with your body and keep your musical career in harmony.

Join Team Rub: Exciting Career Opportunities for Massage Therapists and Front Desk Associates in Bloomington, Indiana

Are you passionate about wellness and customer service? Join our award-winning team at That’s the Rub Massage Therapy Center. We’re currently hiring a Part-Time Front Desk Associate and Licensed Massage Therapist in Bloomington, Indiana

The Magic of Touch: Unpacking Therapeutic Massage and Massage Therapy at That’s the Rub

Unravel the mystery between Therapeutic Massage and Massage Therapy at That’s the Rub. Whether you’re dealing with a specific issue or seeking overall wellness, our team of skilled therapists is here to guide you on your wellness journey. Discover the power of touch today!

Experience Seamless Online Booking with Our New Software: ClinicMaster!

That’s the Rub Massage Therapy Center is excited to introduce our new booking software, ClinicMaster. This user-friendly, cloud-based platform is designed to streamline your booking process, making it easier than ever to schedule your appointments.

Discover the Healing Power of Massage Therapy: Your Ultimate Solution for Specific Health Conditions

Are you struggling with chronic pain, stress, or other health issues? If so, you're not alone. Millions of people are searching for effective ways to alleviate their discomfort and improve their overall well-being. At That's the Rub Massage Therapy Center in...

CLASS SIGNUP! Practical Approaches to REFLEXOLOGY in Everyday Treatments

Welcome to our next class in the Practical Approaches™ Series: REFLEXOLOGY! ATTENTION MASSAGE THERAPISTS! Join us in our Practical Approaches to Reflexology for Everyday Treatments class and explore the intricate workings of the feet. Through this course, you will...
10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Massage

10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Massage

Experience the profound health benefits of professional massage therapy. Not only does it offer a rewarding self-care treat after a long day or week, but it also provides a plethora of health improvements. Regular massages can significantly alleviate stress and chronic pain, enhance your mood, improve sleep quality, boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, and even aid digestion. Plus, for expecting and new mothers, specialized prenatal and postnatal massages offer both physical comfort and emotional bonding time with your baby. Don’t wait – schedule your personalized massage today at That’s the Rub and start reaping the health rewards!

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Terence Maloney, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Terence Maloney, Licenced Massage Therapist, LMT

Karol Hovis, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Karol Hovis, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Conner Weir, Licensed Massage Therapist

Conner Weir, Indiana Licenced Massage Therapist

Kevin Young, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Kevin Young, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Amber Lawrence, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Amber Lawrence, LMT Therapeutic Massage Bloomington, Indiana

Daniëlle Schrijver, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Daniëlle Schrijver, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Heath Roush, Personal Trainer

Heath Roush, Personal Trainer

Lisa Keplinger, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT, NCBTMB

Lisa Keplinger, Indiana Licensed & Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist

Jessica Nethery, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Jessica Nethery, Licenced Massage Therapist in Bloomington, Indiana, LMT

Olivia Luther, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

Olivia Luther, Results-Oriented Licenced Massage Therapist (LMT)
12:00 PM - 7:30 PM
10:30 AM - 3:00 PM
10:30 AM - 7:30 PM
10:30 AM - 7:30 PM
10:30 AM - 7:30 PM
10:30 AM - 7:30 PM

That's the Rub Massage Therapy Center IconThat's the Rub Massage Therapy Center

205 North College Avenue Suites 130 - 160, Bloomington

4.9 168 reviews

  • Avatar Scott Williams ★★★★★ a month ago
    Clean, relaxing, professional massage services. Super easy to schedule a booking. Had next day openings.
  • Avatar Greg Fox ★★★★★ a month ago
    Great place. Professional staff. Listens to your needs and helps you to achieve your goals. Highly recommend!
  • Avatar Cris Guzmán ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Don't look any further. This is the place you were looking for.
    I called later in the day, and I was able to book an appointment the same day without any problem or complaints.
    As I walked into this very aromatic place, I wonder
    … More where the massage place is? They have a very nice store where you can find a large variety of fragrances at a decent price.
    The staff was very friendly and welcoming. They listen to every single random thing I wanted to say. My visit didn't begin with the health care provider, but at the phone.
    Terence is a gifted health care provider. He paid close attention as I described the horrific experiences I had with prior places. I described to him how I had little trust that he could help me because others have failed and made me feel comfortable during the process. He walked me to a very comfortable room with the right lighting and perfect aromatic. He played music that my breathing was able to catch on during the entire hour of restorative work Terrance did. In the end, Terence provided me with a couple of exercises to follow up with my newly restored back.
    Now that I am back to work, I feel like I can take the world after the healing process that took place the day before.
    This was the first time I came to this facility, and I look forward to coming by every time I come to town. I don't have any other place to go but this one.
  • Avatar Sarah Milward ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    For the past year, I've been seeing Kevin at TTR for myofascial release massage for my chronic pain, and it's been a huge help! He is professional, caring, and talented. Plus, the staff are lovely!
  • Avatar Juliana Richards ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Emily made me feel completely comfortable throughout & checked on me during to make sure it was okay. She fully explained what she was going to do prior and even did a recap afterward! As someone with anxiety, this completely made my … More experience and allowed me to feel fully relaxed.
  • Avatar Dani Bearsch ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    I very much enjoy the massages I’ve booked at That’s the Rub. I typically book a 60 minute massage with a student therapist, and it’s always such a great experience. They do wonderful & thorough work while also addressing your concerns … More and following your preferences.
    I recently booked a facial & eyebrow wax with Paige. Paige is amazing & so talented. She addressed all of my concerns & provided an incredibly relaxing service. I left feeling so refreshed & informed of how to care for my skin moving forward. I highly recommend any service with Paige, she was great!