The Tax Bunny Savings Event is BACK!

The Tax Bunny Savings Event is BACK!

tax bunny day one
Spring is in the air, and so is the spirit of renewal and rejuvenation. It’s that special time of year again – when taxes meet tender care, and we at That’s the Rub celebrate the season with our much-anticipated Tax Bunny Special!
This year, we’re taking the joy of savings to a whole new level. Picture it, Bloomington, 2024: a series of 5 therapeutic and transformative massage sessions, all with a pocket-relieving 15% discount. Yes, you read that right! Whether you’re a fan of our Essential, Enhanced, or Advanced tiers, we’ve got you covered with options for 60, 90, and even 120 minutes of therapeutic relaxation.
Here’s the scoop:
  • Essential Tier: Perfect for those who adore the basics but expect nothing less than excellence. (La La, The Rub)
  • Enhanced Tier: For the aficionado ready to take their relaxation a notch higher. (Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Myo, Pregnancy, etc) – THIS is by far our most popular!
  • Advanced Tier: The ultimate indulgence for the connoisseur craving the pinnacle of therapeutic brilliance.
Choose Your Duration:
  • 🕒 60 minutes of pure bliss
  • 🕞 90 minutes for that extra touch
  • 🕛 120 minutes of unparalleled therapeutic relaxation
And the best part? You have a whole year to use these sessions! So whether you’re planning to spread them out or treat yourself to a monthly dose of serenity and feeling great, the choice is entirely yours.
But hurry – just like the fleeting bloom of spring flowers, this offer is here for a limited time. 🌸
Or, if you’re as excited as a bunny in a carrot field and can’t wait to book, give us a jingle at 812-333-3393. We’re here to get you all set up!
Spring into action, and let’s make this season the most rejuvenating yet! 🌷
🌟SAVE BIG with our Support YOUR Student Body Series! 🌟

🌟SAVE BIG with our Support YOUR Student Body Series! 🌟

support YOUR student body with a comet

Discover a Unique Way to Invest in Your Well-being!

Hello, wellness warriors and lifelong learners!

We’re thrilled to unveil something extraordinary at That’s the Rub – our “Support YOUR Student Body” series. It’s not just a special offer; it’s a celebration of learning, growth, and self-care.

Here’s what we’ve got lined up:

  • Five luxurious massages of your choice – Advanced, Enhanced, or Essential tier, each lasting either 120, 90, or 60 minutes.
  • Enjoy a whopping 15% discount when you pre-purchase this package.
  • Redeem your massages anytime over the next year. We’re thinking one per month during the semester, plus a bonus for finals week!

Who’s It For? Everyone!

And when we say everyone, we mean it. Whether you’re a current student, a former student, or someone who’s simply student-friendly, this series is designed for you.

Why You’ll Love This Series

  • Flexibility: Schedule your sessions at your convenience.
  • Savings: Quality self-care at an unbeatable price? Yes, please!
  • Consistency: Regular massages can do wonders for your overall well-being.

Act Fast – It’s a Limited-Time Offer!

Like a comet streaking through the night sky, this offer is brilliant but won’t be around forever. Seize this opportunity before it vanishes!

🔗 Purchase Your Series Now!

Your Wellness Journey Awaits

At That’s the Rub, we believe in the power of regular massage therapy. This special series is more than just a set of appointments; it’s a commitment to your health and happiness. So, why wait? Make this semester your most relaxed and rejuvenated yet.

Let’s embark on this wellness journey together. Because at That’s the Rub, it’s always about supporting YOUR goals.

🎄 The Best Massage Therapy Gift Cards in Bloomington 🎁

🎄 The Best Massage Therapy Gift Cards in Bloomington 🎁

The best gift cards in Bloomington, Indiana for all your holiday needs!

Hello, Wellness Enthusiasts of Bloomington!

The holiday season is here, and at That’s the Rub, we’re embracing the spirit of giving with a delightful twist! 🌟

🌈 Discover Bloomington’s Premier Holiday Gift Cards

This year, we’re taking our traditional paper gift certificates to the next level. Introducing our Brand New Custom Gift Cards – the perfect choice for massage therapy and personal training gifts in Bloomington.

🛍️ Your Destination for Holiday Shopping in Bloomington

Step into The Boutique at That’s the Rub for an exquisite selection of skin and body care products. These luxurious items make perfect companions to our therapeutic massage gift cards, ensuring a holistic wellness experience.

💻 Convenient Online Gift Certificates for Last-Minute Gifting

Can’t make it to our Bloomington location? No problem! Our easy-to-use online gift certificates bring wellness and joy instantly. Ideal for last-minute holiday shopping, they’re available here: Online Gift Certificates.

🎁 Why Choose Our Gift Cards for Your Holiday Gifts?

Our gift cards are more than just presents; they’re an invitation to a personalized wellness journey. Perfect as unique wellness gifts for Christmas, they offer the recipient a choice of tranquil massages or energetic personal training sessions.

Join us at That’s the Rub this holiday season and transform your shopping into an adventure of relaxation and joy. As always, we’re here to help you answer, “What is YOUR Goal?” Let’s make those wellness dreams come true this holiday season!

Exciting MindBody Software Switch at That’s the Rub

Exciting MindBody Software Switch at That’s the Rub

Big News from That's the Rub your favorite Therapeutic Massage!

TL/DR: Hey there,Friend! 🎃 October’s HUGE at That’s the Rub! We’ve switched our software (again! 😅) to MindBody, aiming to serve you better. If you’ve got a Gift Certificate from before, bring it or its number. And guess what? Our beloved Series is BACK and cooler than ever! Got questions or just wanna chat? Shoot us an email. Thanks for sticking with Team Rub through these tech adventures! 💆‍♂️🎉

Welcome to October, one of the BIG months around That’s the Rub in general (we’re all a bit Halloween happy around here), and this year in particular it’s pretty huge!
First off, an explanation of the BIGGEST NEWS: 
We changed software AGAIN!
To recap our software journey this year for those just joining us: In January, after 13 years of using the same platform it was announced it would be discontinued and we would need to find a replacement. As we, The Rub, have been dissatisfied with the support for the last couple of years (the company was acquired and cannibalized but allowed to flounder) we were happy to switch, especially in light of our increasing turn to advanced therapeutic massage techniques and treatment planning. So, three months ago we adopted a software designed for physical therapists which really wants to be used by spas and wellness centers. 
This software came with a lot of good ideas, several innovative concepts our clients liked, and sadly quite a bit our clients did not, so after working with the company on a near-daily basis to resolve our (and your) concerns we made one of the hardest decisions we (Lisa & Jim) have had to make in our careers and once more go through the hundreds of hours necessary to change software to something more suited to what That’s the Rub does: Therapeutic Massage.
Welcome MindBody (with juice!)
After quite a bit of deliberation, research, and hand-wringing we opted for Mindbody (the 10,000lbs gorilla for spa and salon scheduling).  This was not easy, and we didn’t go into it lightly, but we did go into it knowing with it we would be able to support you, our team, and our community in the way you have been accustomed to for the last 14 years That’s the Rub has been part of Bloomington’s wellness scene and be able to continue to doing so for another 54 years. 
What’s it Mean to YOU?
Hopefully not much more than a few new emails, a better scheduling experience, and a much, much faster check-out time in the boutique. for a few of you it will also mean…
  1. If you have a Gift Certificate from the previous systems you will need to bring it (or at least the number) in to redeem. They are all still valid, however we have lost the ability to look up the old numbers as that software is no longer with us. But we do have all the numerical records, so as long as the number exists, so does your gift certificate (WHEW!). Future Gift Certificate purchases will be trackable, however.
  2. ALSO! Gift Certificates are once again available for purchase directly from our website in a very easy and pleasing to use way (this was one of the biggest complaints we received over the summer about the previous software). We think you’re really going to like this interface!
  3. Series are BACK and they’re wearing sunglasses! Folks who have been with us for a long time know that the BEST way to save money appointment after appointment, week after week is to purchase a SERIES of APPOINTMENTS in advance and save up to 20% on ALL of the appointments! NO MEMBERSHIPS to worry about, just buy a pack of services and use them. Simple! you can buy these right away if you call (you know, 812-333-3393), click here (or here), or in a couple of days Jim is going to have a proper landing page for these. They’re BACK and better than ever!
  4. IMPORTANT IF YOU HAVE A SERIES ALREADY: They’re being brought over to the new software and you won’t lose a thing. However, you might get a receipt that says you just “bought” a series…you DID NOT GET CHARGED, it’s the way the system has to attach it to your account, and it has been throwing out receipts on occasion. If you have any questions or concerns, write (ye ole humble writer) and I’ll be happy to send you proof from my side of the software that shows the payment type wasn’t you.
  5. Why do I KNOW it wasn’t you? Because one other thing that didn’t transfer over was anyone’s card on file. Which means you will likely have to enter it again or will be asked for it by the Front Desk next time you call in. the software still requires it, but US law does not allow them to transfer, and I’m okay with that from a security standpoint and we thank you for your understanding.
Friend, YOU are a big part of That’s the Rub’s story and our software is what allows us to keep telling that story to more and more people like you. We wouldn’t be here without you, and it just means the world to us to have your love and support. THANK YOU for being here and thank you again as we head once more, for what I hope is the last time, into the murky depths of software changes.
Stay tuned for more announcements including an upcoming special, Halloween trick-or-treat announcements, and EVEN MORE new staff coming on board soon because we want YOU to get the RESULTS you deserve!
That’s the Rub,
Team Rub!
PS – Want to try out our swanky new software and get on the books for the weekend? OF COURSE you do! Click here if you’re so inclined or that big Blue Button in the menu above!
Join Team Rub: Exciting Career Opportunities for Massage Therapists and Front Desk Associates in Bloomington, Indiana

Join Team Rub: Exciting Career Opportunities for Massage Therapists and Front Desk Associates in Bloomington, Indiana

Are you passionate about wellness and customer service? Are you looking for a rewarding career opportunity in Bloomington, Indiana? If so, your dream job awaits at That’s the Rub Massage Therapy Center!

Join Our Team 1

We’re more than just a massage therapy center — we’re a community of dedicated professionals committed to supporting each other and our clients. We foster an environment where everyone is welcome, appreciated, and encouraged to grow.

Join Our Award-Winning Team Today!

We’re currently seeking dynamic individuals to fill two key positions in our team:

  1. Part-Time Front Desk Associate
  2. Licensed Massage Therapist

Part-Time Front Desk Associate: Your Role and Responsibilities

As a Front Desk Associate, you’ll play a key role in fostering a positive and engaging customer experience. This includes booking services, handling cancellations, assigning rooms, and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to enhance our boutique experience with a consultative approach to sales of our high-quality, all-natural/organic skin and wellness products. Learn More and Apply Here!

Licensed Massage Therapist: Your Role and Responsibilities

As a licensed massage therapist, you’ll provide top-notch therapeutic massage services to our clients and participate in ongoing learning and development opportunities. You’ll also collaborate with our team to promote our services and contribute to our positive work environment. Learn More and Apply Here!

Why Join Us?

At That’s the Rub, we value our employees and the unique contributions they bring to our community. We offer a competitive compensation package, including a monthly retail sales bonus/commissions, paid time-off and training, and an employee discount on services and retail. We also provide opportunities for learning and growth, which includes comprehensive training for our team.

Ready to Unleash Your Potential? Apply Today!

To apply for any of our open positions, please email your resume and a cover letter to We’re committed to equal opportunity and inclusivity and encourage all qualified individuals to apply.

We look forward to potentially welcoming you into our vibrant and dynamic team! For more information about us, visit our website at That’s the Rub Massage Therapy Center.

Thank YOU on this Day of Thanks!

Thank YOU on this Day of Thanks!

Jim & Lisa Keplinger, That's the Rub
Here at That’s the Rub we are ALWAYS grateful to have you as our client, so it’s difficult to make it extra special because it’s a holiday and we’re supposed to be grateful, but here it goes. 
On behalf of all of us at The Rub, to all of you who are reading this right now, please know how much we appreciate every moment we spend with you, each laugh, each stretch, and each massage. We know that you can choose to go anywhere and we’re so happy every day that you choose us as your body guides in this life. It truly is a win/win experience.  
Make it a wonderful Thanksgiving, we look forward to seeing you again soon. 
That’s the Rub,
Lisa, Gabrielle, Kate, Lexie, Bailey, Daniëlle, Elizabeth, Sarah, Allison, Riley, Cole, Ryn, & Jim