Register TODAY for the KI Guided Couples Massage Workshop!
KI Guided Couples Massage is designed for the two of you to learn how to give and receive bodywork to each other. We will walk you and your favorite partner (you must bring your own) through different techniques including, but not limited to, massage techniques, range of motion, and breathwork. 
This workshop is 90 minutes total, with each partner receiving and giving a 35–40-minute massage guided by our massage instructors in the proper techniques and forms (This week, is taught by Lisa…yes, THAT Lisa). Each week is different according to the needs of the participants, it may be repeated as often as you like, and you will learn new and exciting techniques every time. This class is limited to SIX people (3 pairs of partners), is done fully clothed (so do wear comfortable clothing), and is ONLY $35 each ($70 for the pair)!