🌟SAVE BIG with our Support YOUR Student Body Series! 🌟

🌟SAVE BIG with our Support YOUR Student Body Series! 🌟

support YOUR student body with a comet

Discover a Unique Way to Invest in Your Well-being!

Hello, wellness warriors and lifelong learners!

We’re thrilled to unveil something extraordinary at That’s the Rub – our “Support YOUR Student Body” series. It’s not just a special offer; it’s a celebration of learning, growth, and self-care.

Here’s what we’ve got lined up:

  • Five luxurious massages of your choice – Advanced, Enhanced, or Essential tier, each lasting either 120, 90, or 60 minutes.
  • Enjoy a whopping 15% discount when you pre-purchase this package.
  • Redeem your massages anytime over the next year. We’re thinking one per month during the semester, plus a bonus for finals week!

Who’s It For? Everyone!

And when we say everyone, we mean it. Whether you’re a current student, a former student, or someone who’s simply student-friendly, this series is designed for you.

Why You’ll Love This Series

  • Flexibility: Schedule your sessions at your convenience.
  • Savings: Quality self-care at an unbeatable price? Yes, please!
  • Consistency: Regular massages can do wonders for your overall well-being.

Act Fast – It’s a Limited-Time Offer!

Like a comet streaking through the night sky, this offer is brilliant but won’t be around forever. Seize this opportunity before it vanishes!

🔗 Purchase Your Series Now!

Your Wellness Journey Awaits

At That’s the Rub, we believe in the power of regular massage therapy. This special series is more than just a set of appointments; it’s a commitment to your health and happiness. So, why wait? Make this semester your most relaxed and rejuvenated yet.

Let’s embark on this wellness journey together. Because at That’s the Rub, it’s always about supporting YOUR goals.

Absolutely the BEST Deodorant EVER!

Absolutely the BEST Deodorant EVER!

Jungleman Naturals Deodorant NOW AVAILABLE!

That’s the Rub is MIGHTY pleased to announce we are now carrying the absolute, unequivocal BEST deodorant known to humanity: Jungleman Naturals! Are we really THAT excited about underarm deodorant? YUP! We REALLY ARE! And YOU will be too! Jungleman is an all natural deodorant without that “hippy smell” so many others have.

Jungleman All-Natural Deodorant is made entirely from 100% all-natural products, with an ingredient list so short that it can be counted on one hand. From the scorching summer heat of the Australian Outback, to the frigid winter cold of the North American Rockies, to the sweaty gyms of professional mixed martial artists, Jungleman All-Natural Deodorant has proven itself as the safest, most effective, natural deodorant in the world. Yes, it’s true. You can be 100% all-natural and 100% odor free at the same time.

  • 100% all-natural
  • No aluminum, parabens or glycerin
  • No artificial colors or fragrances
  • No alcohols or peroxides
  • No propylene glycol or sodium stearate
  • Super-absorbent
  • Tested in the most extreme conditions
  • Non-comedogenic, does not clog pores
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Odorless
  • Unisex: for men or women
  • Endorsed by professional fighters

Ingredients: corn starch, sustainable palm oil from non-peatlands, sodium bicarbonate, and tea tree oil.

Come in and smell great!

FarmHouse Fresh NOW AVAILABLE at That’s the Rub!

FarmHouse Fresh NOW AVAILABLE at That’s the Rub!

FarmHouse Fresh NOW AVAILABLE at That's the Rub!

FARMHOUSE FRESH is Now at That’s the Rub!

Every now and again, it’s important to listen to your children. This is radical talk, I know, but bear with me. A few months ago, right after we opened The Body Boutique, my daughter Cassandra was visiting from LSU (Why isn’t she a Hoosier? I don’t know…but I try to suffer it with dignity and grace). Cassandra really enjoyed the shop, and of course, the massages, but when I asked her about the body products we carry she said “they’re fine, but I’d never buy them…they don’t have any scent. I want them to smell good!

Well, I’m not quite as dense as I look, so I immediately got to searching for a GREAT smelling product that meets our excruciatingly high standards of being natural, gluten-free, vegan, and a host of other minutia that we’re meticulous about. Thanks Cassandra, GREAT IDEA!

FarmHouse Fresh!
(in their own words)

t FarmHouse Fresh, we dream, develop and hand assemble exquisite gifts that bring delight with every use. Whimsical. Nostalgic. Giftable to even your finickiest friends.Each product is made with up to 99.6% natural and naturally-derived ingredients. Everything we make is Paraben & Sulfate FREE and our fragrances are all natural or phthalate free. Many of our products are also Vegan and Gluten Free. Click here to read more. We LOVE crafting complex and scrumptious fragrances, but we also offer a range of products made with only essential oils if that is your preference!Our headquarter’s team resides in Texas, but we live in the world of What If. It is a very silly place because sometimes our What Ifs lead us to Why Nots and then we wonder, really, Why NOT?

Why not mush-up vitamin rich, live strawberry fruit cells with whipped sweet cream shea butter? The result is Strawberry Smash – a 2-part Moisturizer sold with a mixing stick that makes lotioning-up as enjoyable as morning coffee. It also leaves skin dewy-soft, and can calm a mean sunburn in just a few seconds.

From charming jelly jar toppers, to delicate glass pour-spout cruets, each product is lovingly crafted and packaged for that special someone who will enjoy it!

In 2009, we won the Dallas Beauty Award presented by D Magazine in Dallas. You can read the full article here: DBeauty-FarmHouse Fresh Since then our products continue to win consumer awards including Redbook’s Most Valuable Beauty Product, Daily Candy’s Best of Beauty, Oprah’s O-List, Elle Canada Hot List, and more.

Over the last 3 years (2012, ’13 & ’14), we have been voted by spas, hotels and resorts as one of the Top 5 Favorite Bodycare Lines in the US, as published in American Spa Magazine. And this year we have been voted Top 5 Favorite All Natural Lines. Additionally, our dear favorite Shea butter Whoopie! Cream was voted by spas, hotels and resorts as the Favorite Body Lotion, as published in LNE Magazine.

FarmHouse Fresh is a member of Organic Trade Association, Society of Cosmetic Chemists Southwest Chapter, and proud members of Go Texan, as FarmHouse Fresh products are made in Texas. FarmHouse Fresh/Summer Soles LLC is also a Certified Woman-Owned Business and holds two patents and over a dozen trademarks. – See more at: http://www.farmhousefreshgoods.com/info.html#sthash.RFRdXcZx.dpuf