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KI Strength and Mobility (Wednesdays & Fridays at Noon) 

is the answer to your question of how to keep fit and accountable. This class will improve your overall strength, increase mobility in those tight joints and increase flexibility. In each class, you will increase your mind-body connection using multiple techniques including breath, joint mobilization, and self-myofascial release using the Stick Mobility method, and more. This class is good for anyone who wants to be stronger, increase flexibility, and function better in their own skin. The possibilities are endless. This class meets YOU where you are – it is intensely engaging, with a relaxing at the end. Your body will thank you.
Class sizes are limited, so book early and often by calling 812-333-3393 or clicking on to our class schedule  (https://www.secure-booker.com/thatstherub/ClassSchedule/ClassSchedule.aspx) and signing up today!