Lisa's at the Desk of the Body Boutique

Three weeks ago, in a fit of madness(or genius, tough call), Team Rub did the unthinkable: We opened That’s the Rub Body Boutique! Attached toThat’s the Rub Massage Therapy Center, the Body Boutique offers the highest quality skin and body care products available in one place. And believe you me, this isn’t your mama’s hand lotion, folks! Unless, of course, you bought it here and gave it to your mama as a gift the last time you went over for family dinner, in which case it is, and that makes you a really, really good kid!

But in our rush to open, we didn’t yet have all the inventory in…and we still don’t, more is coming every day…for instance, just yesterday, we got brand new Farmaesthetics gift and travel sets, including a new Gentleman’s line! Come check us out and see what’s new, play with the testers, and while you’re here, check out the new art from local artisans photographer Kendall Reeves, potter Paula Patton, and many, many more! We’re not an art gallery…but we occasionally play one on TV!