How to Choose the Right Therapist for You

Each visit you make the therapist you prefer, the therapist may (and likely will) use different massage types and applied styles to change up the massage. However, after multiple treatments sometimes things stop working or you’re no longer getting the results you’re looking for or you’re just not sure you like this type or style of massage any longer. You can ask to go back to another massage style you know you liked or worked for you or you can ask to see another therapist. It’s nice to compare different styles after all they are just as different as the individuals themselves.

So why mighty you want to try another therapist you ask? Well, because sometimes when the personalities don’t fit between the therapist and the client, it might feel awkward to get a massage with this person no matter how skilled they are. You don’t know exactly what’s wrong; everything “feels” as it should, but it just feels off. That might be a sign to try another therapist. Another reason to see another therapist, if you’ve been working with the same LMT for years and now you’re in a maintenance phase, meaning you’re no longer working on those bigger goals that you originally started coming, it might be nice to try something new every once in a while because your body adapts. Additionally, a different therapist’s perspective on what’s going on with your body might bring fresh awareness and deeper growth for your goals. Lastly, another reason to try another therapist is you aren’t getting the results that you once were from the therapist you’ve seen for a long time. That’s okay; it doesn’t mean that they are no longer doing their job, rather it just means that your body has adapted, which it is designed to do, and a fresh take on massage applications just might be what it needs to let go on a deeper level.

Here at The Rub we customize all treatments based on several criteria: your goals – both short and long term what you want to get from your massage, the type of treatment your scheduling – this is discussed in deeper detail with your LMT during the intake process so that we know that the appointment you scheduled is the right one for your goals, and finally the therapist’s personality. If for any reason you are looking for a change, The Rub offers different massage therapists to fit those needs, and we all refer to each other when we feel that we’ve done all we can or believe another modality or therapist may be a good fit for you. Think of it as helping your regular therapist help you achieve your goals. After all that’s what we’re here for, and we feel good when our clients are happy with their results. Welcome to The Rub!

That’s the Rub,