Chris McCullough – Indiana Licenced Massage Therapist, LMT

Indiana Certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Master

Christ McCullough Certified Massage Therapist Bloomington Indiana
Chris McCullough has been a licensed massage therapist since July 2014. He graduated from the Indiana Therapeutic Massage School in Indianapolis where he studied many different modalities including deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology, and others. Chris enjoys giving both relaxation and therapeutic massage with a special interest in focus work around the back, neck and shoulders.
Additionally, Chris has several years of experience with foot reflexology which he incorporates into his massages as requested. He is also a Reiki practitioner (level 3) which he has been practicingfor over 10 years.

Schedule with Chris online right now, or if you want to give us a call instead of scheduling online because you find our dulcet tones relaxing, we dig, just punch 812-333-3393 into your magic voice transmitter and you’ll get our extremely enthusiastic front desk team.

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