Lotus Festival 2013 is ON!

Like Lotus Festival, That's the Rub Massage Therapy Center gets mighty crowded on the weekends, are you scheduled yet?

JimboYaya Performing Lotus 2010

Happy Lotus Festival Weekend!
This is the weekend I look forward to every year as a resident of Bloomington. Not just for the great music, food, and community (which are all par excellence bar none…go on, make that phrase work, I challenge you!) but because The Dancing Bear Street Collective returns to bring their unique brand of magic, juggling, and music to Downtown. Ok, it doesn’t hurt that they’re all great looking guys…especially that Jimbo Yaya fellow (for those of you new to That’s the Rub, the guy writing performs magic as Jimbo Yaya) as well as the ever-brilliant and beautiful to watch Hudsucker Posse (Check this out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynX260iC_es)! You should absolutely buy your tickets to the live shows and the venues, but if you’re on the street you’re going to be BOTH dazzled and dazzled!

Speaking of Razzle-Dazzle, That’s the Rub still has a few openings for this weekend. They tend to go quickly because of the festivities, so be sure to book early and book often (like voting in Chicago). Call 812-333-3393 to be sure you’re in…or jump online and do it yourself, because hey, we’re not lonely and needing to talk to anyone…no…we’re fine…just let the Internet do our job…see if we care. Sniff.

That’s the Rub,
Lisa, Rachel, Jessica, Gwen, Xanthia, Jackie, Holly Lynn, Theresa, Ruthie, Ashley, & Jimbo Yaya!

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