SPECIAL FOR THE HOLIDAYS: That’s the Spa Wrap & Rub

“If you have time, you should relax for an hour every day. If you don’t have time, you should relax for two hours.”

Every year we try to come up with something really special for you to give to your friends, family, and YOURSELF for the holidays. this year, boy have we got a doozy for you!
You may, upon reading this, consider the two hour That’s the Spa Wrap & Rub an excess, perhaps even an indulgence too much for a mere mortal, a veritable profligacy of luxury; too much relaxation, too much calm, too much me-time. On the other hand, we’re betting you call it your new favorite way to spend a Saturday (or any other day really, we’re easy).

Before we begin your Spa Wrap & Rub you’ll fill out a questionnaire that will help determine the best Farmaesthertics Herbal Remedy for you. Then you’ll enjoy a dry brushing to increase circulation of blood and lymph as well exfoliating dry skin, which helps with skin cell turnover. A relaxing, full body massage follows using the herbal remedy that has been chosen to target your specific needs, and then you’ll be wrapped to increase absorption of the herbal remedy into your skin. While wrapped, you’ll receive a face and scalp massage, concluding with out extraordinary Hand to Heel treatment. Finally, for your take home treat, you’ll be provided with a full bottle of your Farmesthetics Herbal Remedy Oil (a $27 value) to continue your experience for months to come.

All our Herbal Remedies are hypo-allergenic, non-aromatic, and food grade (that’s right, you CAN drink them…but don’t, we offer organic teas after all of our services).

Please note these herbal remedies do not replace regular medical advice or medications, but may help promote a deeper relief of these common issues and then some.

2 hours   $180.00   Book Now

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