THAT’S the NEWS July 5th, 2013 Edition

That's the Rub Massage Therapy Center's Semi-Regular, Slightly Sporadic, Always amusing, and Wholly Worth Reading Occasional Newsletter: Special Edition - Holly Lynn is Back!

The 5th of July is often relegated to second-class status because of it’s better known brother, the 4th of July, all because the 4th was born one day sooner. But that’s just not fair, think of all the great things that have happened on the 5th of July:  in 1937 Hormel Foods Corporation introduced the world to SPAM Luncheon Meat, the bikini first went on sale in 1946, and in 1989 the pilot episode of Seinfeld debuted. Don’t SPAM, Bikini’s, and Seinfeld deserve the same respect as the Independence of the United States? No? Ok, fine. It’s not as important as…

Holly Lynn is Back!

Holly Lynn Donaldson, Massage Therapist

WAY back in 2010, That’s the Rub first opened its doors to Bloomington to thunderous applause. One of the big reasons for such fanfare was the Massage Therapist known to the world as Holly Lynn! As often happens with incredibly good things, her time with us was far too short and she moved back to Pennsylvania year later. But Bloomington has a magic kind of draw, and no one leaves forever: Holly Lynn has returned! Now is your chance to get on the table of one of the finest massage therapists it has been our pleasure to know. Schedule early and schedule often (seriously, she’s going to be extremely booked, very quickly!). Welcome back, Holly Lynn!

That’s the Rub Has a New Website! New Facebook Look! New Twitter Feed!

Jim, that charming and dashing fellow who writes this very newsletter (and has the must epic humility in history), has been extremely busy. While listening to his favorite Pandora Channel of Surf Music, he has completely redone into a sleeker, prettier, more secure one-stop-shop for all your massage-booking needs and information. In the near future expect more articles, posts, and lots of great information about massage, nutrition, fitness, and the great things going on Bloomington! Heck, we’re even going to be throwing in a Podcast for you. Of course, all the great features of the old site have been rewritten and updated as well: the Service Menu is now completely interactive, the site is going to look GREAT on your tablet or phone,  and as always, you can you can schedule appointments online print out gift certificates from home. Swing by the new site and tell us what you think! then pop on over and LIKE our Facebook page (did you know you can book online from our Facebook page? Yup! We’re THAT cool!), and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with That’s the Rub! Have we got your back or what?

Have You got YOUR Summer Six Package Yet?

Always ready to help you relax, That’s the Rub Massage Therapy Center is continuing our once-a-year sales event: The Summer Six Special!  true the month of July! WHOOP!!! That’s 6 Massages for the Price of 5…enough to keep you stretched and pliable until the cold weather returns (then we recommend a nice Hot Stone Massage or our signature Lavender Wrap). For you math geeks out there (that’s a savings of 16.67%…even better than our student discount!). Some folks have even been taken with the idea of buying several Summer Six series and using them to save on their massages all year long…it’s like buying in bulk, but so much better than toothpaste! Go right ahead, we like you!

Of course, everybody likes their massages their own way, therefore we have the Summer Six Special in our Signature flavor (The Rub and The Lala) and our Premium flavor (The Deep Rub, Performance Rub, Pregnancy Rub, et al)…and of course, you can get 60 and 90 minute versions. We like to make sure you’re fully taken care of. 

So what are you waiting for? Time to Get Summer off on the right foot!
That’s the Rub,
Lisa, Rachel, Jessica, Gwen, Xanthia, Holly Lynn, Elizabeth, Ruthie, & Jim

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