Winterize YOUR Skin!

Winterize YOUR Skin

Your skin is about to spend five months getting assaulted by all manner of weather phenomena which want nothing more than to crack it, dry it, and peel it away. Protect yourself TODAY and all winter long with a facial at That’s the Rub!

Sure, you could go to your local drug store, but finding someone who really knows skin care in aisle 8 is unlikely and the products are typically less effective, non-organic, and laden with chemicals which do more long-term damage than short-term good to your largest organ. That’s why going to an esthetician is not only important but a good investment. An esthetician is licensed and trained in skincare and will analyze YOUR skin type, troubleshoot YOUR current skin care regimen, and give YOU advice and information about the skin care products YOU should be using for the best, longest lasting effect and care.

That’s the Rub has a world-class, award-winning esthetician: Carla.

So get on in here by scheduling either online, on phone (you know 812-333-3393), or heck just pop in and we’ll chat in person. But don’t wait, *|FNAME|*, Winter is Coming!

Schedule your Winterization RIGHT NOW and Save 10% on all products the day of your appointment!

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