ki stretch and

INTRODUCING KI Stretch & Relax!KI Stretch & Relax is not yoga…it’s not a workout…it’s a new way to feel GREAT! You don’t have to be a fitness junkie; you just have to want to feel better in your own skin (and who doesn’t???). For 90 Minutes our socially distanced class of six participants will be guided through active and passive stretches, assisted and supported as required, breathwork to reduce stress, and movement for flexibility. You will learn new and effective techniques for improving your life in your body.
We are, of course, still practicing social distancing, but we have a large, new, space that can accommodate 6 people plus the instructor (THE Lisa, herself!) for this 90 minute session offered every Saturday at NOON — come once or come weekly, we’re here for YOU (more will be added soon, along with our NEW, not yet announced…shhhhhGuided Couples Massage Classes)! You MUST preregister with the link below (or here if you’re antsy) or by giving us a call at 812-333-3393. At only $35 this is the bodywork value you have been waiting for!
Welcome back, friend, we’ve missed YOU!