Lymph Drainage workshop oct 1 and 2 2022

The Keplinger Institute Proudly Presents:
Practical Approaches with Lymphatic Drainage in Everyday Massage Treatments
Two Day – 10 CEU – Workshop

Lymphatic drainage is a specialized form of massage that can profoundly impact the lymphatic system, helping to encourage lymph flow and drainage throughout the body. This type of massage can be very helpful in treating conditions such as lymphedema, sinus problems, and headaches. It can also be used to relax the body and promote overall lymphatic health.


Why Practical Approaches with Lymphatic Drainage?

While lymphatic drainage massage requires special training and certification (as it should!), these courses are often five days to a week (or more) in length, require travel, and 80% of the time you’re using only 20% of the information for your investment of thousands of dollars. However, the Keplinger Institute’s KI RESULTS: Practical Approaches with Lymphatic Drainage in Everyday Massage Treatments is different, learn techniques you will use EVERY DAY in your treatments to improve your service, your client’s results, and your business’s bottom line. In this two-day (10-hour total) class, we will explore practical approaches to incorporating lymphatic drainage into your massage practice. We will cover topics such as the history and utilization of lymphatic techniques, how to assess lymphatic function, and specific lymphatic massage strokes and techniques.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
– Assess lymphatic function in clients
– Incorporate lymphatic drainage techniques into your existing massage practice
– Use specific lymphatic massage strokes and techniques to promote lymph flow and drainage

This class is approved for continuing education credits (10 CEUs) by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCTMB). Upon completion of this class, you will receive a certificate of completion indicating that you have earned 10 CEUs.

Are you ready to upgrade your practice in a weekend? Looking for a way to integrate lymphatic drainage massage skills and knowledge into your daily services? SIGN UP for the KI RESULTS: Practical Approaches with Lymphatic Drainage in Everyday Massage Treatments course today (Click here to go to our booking page)! Signing up for DAY ONE automatically signs you up for DAY TWO, five hours each day. Please see the booking page for exact dates and times).


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